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Its a small Journeys Within world after all!

I love to be reminded of just what a small world we live in so here’s a fun email I got from a Journeys Within past guest:

Hi Andrea,

Hope you and Brandon and the kids are doing well!! I had to share a story with you from last night!

SO I have a new roommate. Craigslist find, she is rad. We were hanging out in the living room, drinking wine, and telling life stories when we started talking about places we’d traveled to. Turns out Kathy just got back from a trip to SE Asia in November of last year. And she’s telling me all about the trip and how it was really fun, but the most amazing part was Cambodia because she just felt like the whole experience there was really special and the people were amazing and the tour they had set up was phenomenal. Then she mentioned visiting the home of a local family and I was like WAIT A SECOND, which tour company did you use, because I did that too and I’m pretty sure it’s the only one that does that. And then we both said Journeys Within! HAHAH

We laughed for a good 5 minutes about the coincidence and then she just went on and on about how wonderful the trip was and the B&B, and you and Brandon. So I just wanted pass along that my roommate is another happy Journeys Within customer and she tells everyone she knows about you guys too. Her name is Kathy and she came with her friend Todd, if that rings any bells.

It of course does ring bells, I remember Kathy and Todd visiting us last November and am thrilled that they had such a great trip and I love that Journeys Within guests find each other all over the world! Have you had a small Journeys Within world experience? If so let me know and we’ll feature it on the blog!


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