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Dear Traveler,

Thank you for booking a tour with Journeys Within!

I would like to take this chance to give you some background about our company and to let you know a little more about what we do in Southeast Asia, and how you can get involved beyond the tour you’re taking with us.

I lived in Cambodia for ten years and in that time I saw many of the problems facing the local communities, both in Cambodia and in neighboring countries. I know that many of you have chosen to travel with us because of our philanthropic nature and the value we put on helping the countries we live and work in. In 2005 I founded Journeys within Our Community (JWOC) a 501c3 registered non-profit. In the past ten years I have watched JWOC become a true force for change in the countries we work in and this was only possible because of our guests and their support.

I want to give you some information in case you would like to get involved while you are here. Below are some Active Philanthropy options. This is not meant to pressure you in any way and you might already be donating as part of a JWOC intro tour or by volunteering in a classroom, so thank you in advance! I find that giving back often gives travelers a closer look into the culture and allows for a truly unique experience. I am providing these options ahead of your tour because many of our past guests told us that they wished they had known about JWOC before they traveled. In fact, the Active Philanthropy options were developed for this reason – to allow guests to donate and then see the impact of their donation in the country they are visiting.

If you have any questions about your tour in general or about giving back, you are always welcome to email me at andrea@journeys-within.com, and I invite you to visit the Journeys Within Community website at www.jwoc.info.

Thank you again for booking a tour with Journeys Within and I wish you safe and happy travels!

Andrea Ross
Founder and CEO

Free Classes

(Timing depends on which class is being sponsored)

JWOC’s Free Classes program provides free English, IT, Science and other special subjects to over 800 students who would otherwise not be able to afford these extra-curricular learning opportunities. These classes give students an amazing opportunity and a chance to compete in the local job market. As a sponsor of a class, you will see firsthand the opportunities that you have provided to these students when you visit our community center. You will meet the teacher (who is also one of our scholarship students) and the class that you are supporting, before engaging with them as a teaching assistant (perhaps to provide a cultural exchange or reading out loud) during the lesson.

This is a wonderful opportunity to witness first-hand the ambition and hunger for learning that these local students possess. After the lesson, you will have the opportunity to see the community where our students are reside and gain a better understanding of their daily lives as you visit a local village, before returning to JWOC to meet with an alumnus of the Free Classes program.

Description Amount ($) Duration
JWOC English/ICT/Library: One Class/One Term Teaching $300 1 term
JWOC English/ICT/Library: One Class/Two Term Teaching $550 2 terms
JWOC English/ICT/Library: One Class/One Year Teaching $800 1 year
JWOC Class: All English/ICT/Library for One Year Teaching $4000 1 year

Free classes

Sponsor a Scholarship Student

Sponsor a student, provide lifelong opportunities and gain a friend for life. JWOC’s scholarship students are the heart of the organization and capture the hearts of our community. By sponsoring a student you are not only paying for a student to attend college, but you are helping them to serve their community and improve thousands of lives throughout Siem Reap and beyond. Meet with your scholarship student and experience their life at university – see where they hangout, study and live as a student in Cambodia.

Next, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with a current or alumni scholarship student to see what your student can become with the opportunity you’re handing them. Please arrive at 8 a.m. so you can get an overview of JWOC before class starts.

Please note: You should arrive at 8am so you can get an overview of JWOC before class starts.

Description Amount ($) Duration
JWOC Scholar: Tuition Fees + Books $600 1 term
JWOC Scholar: Tuition Fees + Books $2400 2 terms
JWOC Professional Scholar: Scholar + Health + Professional Skills Development $850 1 year
JWOC Professional Scholar: Scholar + Health + Professional Skills Development $3400 1 year
JWOC Above and Beyond: JWOC Professional Scholar + Volunteering Costs $1000 1 year
JWOC Above and Beyond: JWOC Professional Scholar + Volunteering Costs $4000 1 year

JWOC scholarship studentsSponsor a student scholarship

Community Support

(Weekend Mornings, Sat & Sun)

As cities such as Siem Reap expand and grow, rural areas within Cambodia are often left behind, providing one of the most important challenges to society and growth in Cambodia. JWOC’s Community Support program works with villagers throughout the Siem Reap province to provide vital education and training on a range of subjects such as Maternal Health, Hygiene and Financial Literacy (as well as others) to help improve standards of living in rural villages.

By sponsoring JWOC’s Community Support program, you are empowering, educating and providing training to villagers throughout Siem Reap province to improve standards of living. Head into rural Cambodia with our team you will see how villagers live, cultivate their land and survive, before seeing your training in action and understanding firsthand how you are improving people’s lives exponentially through basic education.

Trainings include: Nutrition, Hygiene, Maternal Health, Good Parenting, and Financial Literacy

Please note: You should arrive at 8am so you can get an overview of JWOC before heading out the village.

Please note: For Community Support Tours, there should be no more than 5 guests per visit & tours should be booked and JWOC informed at least a month in advance

Description Amount ($) Duration
JWOC Livelihood Support: Nutrition, Hygiene training for a rural community $400 Depends on needs assessment
JWOC Family Support: Maternal health and Positive Parenting training for a rural community $700
JWOC Finance Support: Financial Literacy training for a rural community $350
JWOC Community Support: Pay for one training for a whole cycle *

Community supportCambodia community supportSiem Reap community support