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Guiding Light: Southern Vietnam’s Mr.Duy

Mr.Duy has been described as attentive, friendly, patient and professional by past guests and we couldn’t agree more. His love of country, travel and sharing information make him this weeks guiding light…

Mr Duy

How did you become a guide?

When I was young I wished I could travel around the world and speak English.

What do you like about being a guide?

Discussing the culture of Vietnam and Vietnamese people and also travelling around. I can share everything about Vietnam with the guests as friends, not as tourists.

What is the most challenging part about being a guide?

Understanding guests. English is not my first language.

What is your favourite thing to show guests?

Guests find Cu Chi tunnels fascinating, understanding how local people fought, loved and lived underground.

What kind of things do guests ask you/ want to talk about?

It depends on where guests are from, if they are from America often the question is “What do you think about American people?”

What food / restaurants should guests try?

Ngon restaurant is great place to go for lunch or dinner. They can see and choose all local Vietnamese food under one roof visually instead of just by reading a menu.

What should guests coming to Saigon know?

Cu Chi tunnels – conflict has many sides and here they can learn about one view.

Most memorable guest?

The guest that go home feeling that they have had a holiday experience which is more than they had expected. JW always give helpful feedback and it is makes me feel so happy when I hear that I made the guest happy.

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