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Southeast Asia – A year round destination

Do tales of the smiling locals, exotic surroundings and delectable roadside dishes have you looking to visit Southeast Asia for your next holiday? With seasonal travel opportunities, why not let Journeys Within experts help you decide where to go and when.

laos new year

Heat, rain and holiday crowds can, and should, influence holiday travel plans.

Have time off in April, but can’t face the scorching heat? Why no skip Cambodia, Laos and Southern Thailand in favour of Vietnam, the longest state in the region where you will find good weather throughout the country.

Want to see Angkor Wat but leave the crowds behind?  Why not try Journeys Within’s Cambodia’s Big Three Tour during the rainy season?

As a rule Southeast Asia sees warm and dry weather from December to February, making this the most popular time to visit the region, but certainly not the only time.

Here is a more detailed guide to help you make the most out of your your next trip.

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January:  This is the best time to visit Cambodia, Laos and Thailand – particularly Phuket’s beaches – and everybody knows it. Check out our First Time Asia and Bed and Breakfast Journey as the cool weather and lack of rain make January the perfect time to explore the region with these tours.

February: Take advantage of the end of the dry, relatively cool season, and explore Cambodia or Thailand before the weather gets too hot. Our Classic Thailand and Cambodia Highlights trips can help you beat the high-season crowds and make the most of what these two stunning countries have to offer.

March: While the rising temperatures may make it too hot to visit neighbouring countries, March is the perfect time to take in the Laos countryside. Temperatures in the north of Laos – Vientiane and Luang Prabang – remain cool enough for adventurous travelers to work up a sweat with our Under Your Own Steam tour before the rainy season hits.

April: Skip Cambodia, Laos and Thailand to avoid the oppressive heat and head to Vietnam — the longest state in the region where you will find good weather throughout the country. Our Classic Vietnam Tour helps you hit the highlights. This is also a good time to take advantage of Northern climates and get off the beaten path with some trekking in Sapa or with our Northern Thailand Revealed tour.

May: While the rest of the region remains unbearably hot, waiting for the rainy season Vietnam is still accessible. This is the perfect opportunity to check out the hustle and bustle of the north with our Northern Vietnam Tour.

June: If afternoon and evening storms don’t put you off, bold travelers could take advantage of what Myanmar has to offer. Though the humidity is high, the temperature is reasonable enough to take advantage of our Classic Myanmar Tour.

July: If you aren’t afraid of a little rain and are desperate to avoid the crowds, this could be the ideal time to check out Cambodia with its fresh coat of pain. New life that is breathed into dusty and dull areas of the country that were left withered by the dry season — foliage and fauna activity reach an all time, making it good timing for those hoping to spot water-loving birds or wanting to photograph ancient Angkor against lush green backdrops.

August: Good weather in central Vietnam and a manageable route through Cambodia, our Discover Indochina Tour can help those looking to see Southeast Asia in August the most bang for their buck. Still rainy in Cambodia, traveling in the off-season means getting to enjoy the country at its greenest and explore Angkor Wat without the crowds.

September: If embracing the end of the rainy season isn’t in the cards, the weather in Vietnam will be better suited for travel.  Our Classic Saigon Tour can help you maximize your time in this vibrant mix of classic Vietnam and a modern madhouse.

October: Though unpredictable, rainfall in Thailand is manageable for those willing to wait out the occasional downpour.  Including everything from Bangkok to beaches, our Classic Thailand Tour can help you hit all the highlights.

November: With rainy season coming to an end – occasional downpours are still to be expected — this could be the perfect time to explore Thailand, Loas and Cambodia before the holiday crowds arrive. Our Undiscovered Southeast Asia tour can help you get off the beaten path.

December: Great weather throughout Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam means that the region is once again open to exploration. Make the most of your time in the area with our month-long Adventure Asia tour.

2 comments on “Southeast Asia – A year round destination”

  1. This is a great summary guide as when to travel where in SEA, assume you can go at the time of your own choosing.

    However, SEA seems to me to be hot and humid 99% of the time anyway. So it is then just a matter of how much rain you want to tolerate.

    If you are accustomed to summer in most of the Midwest or live in Florida, it’ll be just like home!

  2. An added reason for being in Siem Reap the end of February is The Giant Puppet Project and Parade. There are wonderful videos up at Giant Puppet Project Cambodia. JWOC participates!

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